Some More Words


And form a single angle,
To me it looked like an angel,
But in truth I spelt it wrong.

(I need to set myself more guidelines for these I’m taking it a little too easy.)


To be complex is not to have a complex, but that can certainly help.
(Now for realsies)

Much can be made from little, such can be done for free.
Time is the price we may pay time of which there is plenty.
Time is the cost we require, slightly less than the battle
And with that time I acquire they could’ve have done so much else.


Separate and above, at least how we see ourselves,
The world is ours as long as we don’t change it.

A word can have two opposites (or many more it’s true)
But I just chose one each today, as most people do.
And while there are many more words that I can now approach.

I have chosen to be done. (No matter the reproach.)

A Few Silly Questions

I must admit I’ve been asking some silly questions just to annoy my dentist mother.


Tattoos and piercings and self-mutilation are considered attractive or culturally important in some cultures. What cultures have similar traditions when it comes to teeth?

When is something done just because it’s tradition? Why do we shake hands? Why isn’t ahoy-hoy still not the preferred way to answer phones?

Why not?

Some Words


Greater, or lesser,
A king and a tool.
Sometimes it serves us and sometimes it rules
But when we expect it to be far away,
it will do both and expect us to pay.


Leaving nothing in my wake I will destroy.
There was something that once was great I will destroy.

And yet nothing is absolute, I may burn but the very act of destruction is incomplete, as we can only build out of what exists when we break something apart there are parts left, and though we may see it as something incapable of repair. We are destroying not creating, and we do not see what a creative can build out of what remains, and what can be rebuilt. Even when what is rebuilt is the same.


A word can have two opposites if I don’t reduce it’s meaning.
And I don’t want to put in the time or mental effort to produce more content today, but I’ll reduce my resistance then push through.

There will have been once more, and in the future, there will be less.
This work I don’t adore, but people will think better.

Simple but not completely so.
Some words I must let go.


One who practices psychology but with the theme I’m going for that would be a smart-ass answer.

To decrease in size with no evident renewal? Or to take part of and leave?
To hit with a ray that makes much trouble but in that I don’t believe.


To strike with an arm through a leg would be stronger, and arm is the tool of control.
To war we are armed our enemies skewered, with a desire to claim control.

(The quality and length of these seem to be in opposition to the quantity I create and how much else I do in the day. But I spent this day occupied and with great headaches. So I’ll cut this short. I have little momentum left today, but I’ll start tomorrow with more of these and see where that takes me.)

Pre-Post 135

Today’s color is #b2fa87
Kinda painful but it represents how I feel today. Headaches. Or at the very least, eyestrain. Actually, it looks more like the color of eyestrain than headaches. So eyestrain.

And a few questions:

Will headaches make me work better? Why would that be the case? Would trying not to be distracted by a headache prevent me from being distracted by something else?
Why the hell would that be the case?
(Nope that doesn’t seem to be the case)

Can grinding down our teeth help with dental issues? What foods would help do so?

Why am I not in the habit of thinking up new questions? Whyy do I have trouble finding what to ask when I wake up? I have questions but none of them are new.

Just write because I can because I promised. I did break my promise but now I shall return.
Though I may feel bored and I can’t see my keyboard I. (I’m not wearing glasses hoping that will help)

Um, ducks

Ducks are quite a vicious pest who reproduce in way similar enough to other animals to truly be disgusting. At least from a behavioral perspective.

I am now an artist yet, I’m not much of anything, though I am a sometimes a genie and can at once be everything. To different people. Amen.

Amen is actually an acronym in hebrew short for Ell (with an aleph its Ell mean god, but its more complicated than that and I don’t want to get into details right now.) Melech – King, ne’eman – trustworthy/consistant (also more complicated.).

6 Attempts at Questions Where I’m actually Just Trying To Prove a Point

Well, I was being somewhat passive-aggressive for some of them, I’m not sure how much I was proving.
And today has no particular color, I’ve been more focused on music.

Why don’t people meditate for at least 10 minutes every day? If it has even a small portion of the reported benefits it’s worth far more time and investment. And 10 minutes a day for a month isn’t much? Actually it’s 5 approximately 5 hours. That can be a lot, but those ten minutes can be applied to many other things. Exercise for one, but exercise is difficult for other reasons. But meditation can be difficult as well. At least if you need it.

Why don’t people clean up after themselves? If everyone would do it the world would be a much better place.

Why are people who want to do good in the world discouraged from becoming firemen? (Wow there are a lot of assumptions in this one.)

What is the most noble profession? If self-sacrifice is noble why are there still noble people in the world? Why would one want to sacrifice oneself? Why wouldn’t one want to help?

Why don’t we clean up our personal spaces? Why do we not clean up public places? Why do so many people who do one not do the other?

When is “Nobody else is doing it” a valid excuse?

12 Attempts At Expressing Scale

I’m going into town tomorrow, so there will only be one post. Not so different from today, just all at once.

Who am I kidding 10 ideas a day, that’s the least I can do.

  1. Look over the mountains and you might see it.
  2. Past the mountains in the lands, we were humanity dwells unnoticed by the greater beasts within.
    (Ack I need to work on this one some more, that’s why editor, I’m never satisfied with the first line that comes out. Yet this entire blog is still an act of compromise, or maybe practice.)
  3. I looked up, and up, then I looked up some more.
  4. We heard a great pounding the earth shook, but while all that was going on, our prey fled from within a bush I swear I looked in three times.
  5. Let’s see those pearly whites. Open wide! Okay, not that wide we don’t want to scare the birds away.
  6. Huge and imposing, it looked up at us and trembled.
    You think you were imposing, it must have thought on know these big bumbling giants are going to fall over and crush me.
  7. Tossing and turning the valley its bed, a bit more and we’d all be dead.
  8. Slowly it walked, and yet we could not build and distance.
    We were like ants to it and our only hope would be that we’d be too irritating to deal with.
  9. He stood a full foot taller than me, but that’s not saying much, I’m kinda short.
  10. We were like ants, and the machine our construction. It may have taken us generations to make, but it would sustain our culture for generations more.
  11. I’m not kidding it was this big! That big? Yes, don’t roll your eyes you’d have run away as well.
    From a little kitten, who’re ya kidding.
    “Kids these days that disrispect’ll be the end of them.”
  12. And after a years’ worth of digging, we weren’t even halfway through.

Pre-Post 134

Today’s color is #20b75f

Three Questions:

How can I prevent myself from being distracted? What do I need to practice to do so? Will turning off distractions help me be more creative? I don’t know, but it will probably give me room to realize (some of) my ideas.

What colors does duct come in? I’ve seen the air look orange from sandstorms and pollution, what other colors are most common around the world? (Well, less rare.) Can I use fungal spores to color the air in an enclosed environment? What about insects and pollen?

If we were to throw little clumps of graphite at each other at high speeds what would come out? Can we shave graphite by spinning it fast enough, and what materials can catch the broken-up particles without interacting with them in any other way? Do I have any clue what I’m talking about? (Well, I know a bit of physics and chemistry, but not enough by far.)

2 Words:

Focus, (but what else could I be doing?)

I decide things by committee, I have a feeling and the systems that make me up have an election. I have the veto power, but they often push things past when I’m not looking.

Just Write

Just write is much easier when I didn’t just try and consume hours of information and opinions.
But when an artist has no ideas and just draws, than he is creating art, but I am not sure where to draw the line between creating and talking. Between writing something worth reading and just talking into the void, but some communication is worth having.

And so…

Just write a thing the words will come, and all I have is nothing.

I will create a second sun compared I have but nothing.

Never-mind, I’m not cogent when just writing I’d be better as an editor if I didn’t have so many ideas I wanted to express. So why aren’t I expressing them? Procrastination, and when I do get to writing them they are so corrupted by other media I consume in close period that I feel a need to make them again from the beginning.

Pre-Post 133

Today’s color is #913988
But I’m not yet putting the time aside to make textures.

Three Questions:

(How long will today’s post be? Will I ever write a titan and the crows?)
What makes improvisation easier than playing out plans and vice-versa? Is there any way we can trace how much a person leans into improvisation? Is there a way we can see how people will react to certain scenarios if we have this threshold? (I just used that word wrong didn’t I.)

How much does the cost of water affect its use? What crops require the least water for the highest yield (the most usable material/water/time)? Where are the most water-intensive crops grown?

What other ways can I define yield? How much mass of crop, how little time ti takes to get to that crop, how much is edible/how much energy is needed to make it edable. And what else?

Four Creative* Lines (*I try):

When one’s head is raised and is not removed it is time to do something big.

Nothing is real some people squeal when they don’t want to have to matter.
Somethings are false, or lesser, say those who think they are better.
Some people drink in the sun, knowing there are other ones.
And some think that truth is pain, only themselves do they blame.
All of the above.
Some of the above, (enter your answer on a different page.)
None of the above, (enter your answer on a different page.)

Some think they say something deep, then subsequently doubt it, but in case I was right at first…
Have a meaningful day